Launch product today

So,you want to launch product today and start making money online?

You don’t really know where to start?I will try and describe the simplest way to do that.If you copy this system and send some traffic from facebook groups you will see few sales.

Tools:Gorilla marketing pro is an all in one marketing platform for internet marketers. One of it’s best features is their free autoresponder. Not only is the autoresponder free, it allows you to capture an unlimited amount of leads that you can market to every day if you like. WordPress-all you need is 6 pages. I’ll show you how to set it up to look professional and work great without you working on it,once you set it up.

1.Sign Up page with a name,email form for them to signup with good title they want to click on.

2. OTO page- one time offer with your affiliate link or your own product link.

3. Three content pages with good and free value.

4.Sales page

Email series:


This is the way you do it.They sign up, on your optin page and right away go to your one time offer where you tell them…Thank you for signing up,while you’re waiting for my email to arrive,please look at this one time offer. Come up with a good title…..Tell them that price will go up and this is a chance to get it for a discount price.

The quickest way to lose 10 lbs and fit into your wedding dress” or something like that.Under that title,place a pay button with a personal message. YES! DOWNLOAD IT NOW.

You tell them to go to find a link in there email but first to look into your offer. First email will send them to your page with content or a video 1 in which you give them free valuable information.Talk about problem here,give them somebodies story. A day after,email to second page with free content and in the end reveal what is coming tomorrow.Day after is a bit different.Also,link goes to your third page which is half solution describing and half a pitch about what will they get.Add pay button to your paypa. Next day,email to your sales page. On the sales page,tell them that it is the last day they can get a discount price and more about benefits.

Nobody cares about your product,they care about benefits.If they buy your product , what will they get.Are they going to get slimmer fast or…what ever you selling.

This is it,send some traffic to it now and see sales in. If you don’t know where to get traffic,you’ll find article on my blog with a 10 platforms with over 300 Mill. people.

Launch your product today and see what happens.Go to clickbank and chose something popular people are buying already. Make a link and start!

Viral contests and giveaways

Contests and giveaways

One fantastic way to build a list is to run a  viral contest. It can be a simple $10 gift cards or something from amazon you have already which is even more compelling.
Prize should be something your list will love to get. If you have a craft website offer free gift cards to craft store.This will draw the right crowd to your email list.

If you can create viral element,list will grow fast.Use system like PromoSimple to add a viral element that offer people additional chance to win if they refer others or share your post.


Another system that is similar to promosimple is rafflecopter.
It is easy to run giveaway.You MUST create compelling offer.What would you like to get? Think about it.You can easily build your list up to 10,000 in a week.Targeted list converts good.Offer small price to start for something good,over deliver.If conversion is 30% and it will be more,that is around 3000 buyers..3000 x $17= $51,000
People report over 150,000 list in just few months.
If you need traffic source,start with facebook groups and use traffic list from my blog which gives you 10 platforms with more then 300 mill. subscribers.Some of them have groups with millions of people interested in niches you might promote.Product can be found on amazon or clickbank.

Make viral contest and giveaways  easy by getting free credits.

Get free credits here:

List of online traffic platforms

1. || do follow ||authority 69 ||17 million per month|| (signup,click submit,strong title,1 paragraf. Like Reddit .
2. ||do follow|| authority 86|| 6 miliona/m || blogging platform(create/post entry/post originalan,tags,link)
3. ||do follow|| authority 66 ||150 mill./m|| (click post new entry,strong title,ad img,video,link,article,tags are very important,SEO visibility to all,publish-Find more,community’s-connect with groups)
4. ||do follow|| authority 73||18 mil.|| (click ad link,ad post,youtube video,link,tags)
5. ||do follow||authority 74 ||45 mil US traffic|| (bookmarking service,bookmark your own content,paste content,save,videos,tags save,click share it arrow-recommend ad original content.)
6. ||do follow||authority59 || 100K/m ||(bookmarking)
7. ||do follow||authority 93 || 22 mill||(like facebook,share video,link,follow people in groups)
8. ||do follow ||authority 82 ||30 miliona|| (blogging,earn  crypto money,works like reddit-find topic left,post article,img,video,link,5 tags.Follow people)
9. ||do follow || authority ? || 10 miliona|| ( like yahoo answers)
10. ||do follow ||authority 64 ||36 miliona/ m.|| (app-like a reddit,chose aminos-groups,each has mill. of members,post from the mob. You can create surveys,quiz )
334,100,000 / per month!


Double your click-through rate by doing two things on your blog

How to double your page views and click-through rate right away?

5 ways to increase page views and click-through rate right now:

  • Bounce rate-people think it is not good to have high bounce rate.What that really means is one page view.Somebody will come to your blog post ready it and go away.
  • Exit rate-that is the last page they see before leaving your blog.So,sort them by exit page and  improve it.
  • Pages per session-1,5% per session is ok,if it’s more,great.
  • Session duration-one is 15 minutes,so if somebody comes to your blog and doesn’t stay 15 minutes on that page or click on other page on your blog,Google will not register that person as visitor.
  • Time on page-how long you can engage somebody on that blog,is it interesting enough for them to stay and read.

Second of two ways is:

click-through rate

You have to sell every link you have in specific way.  I don’t know if you have affiliate links or signup form but it should be like this…

“While I was building my house,I was always using a (some tool, xyz tool).It was great and very functional,easy to use but very expensive  so I had to save money  to buy it.Recently, I found something great but much cheaper on amazon ,if you want to see it click here.”

Highlight that and insert amazon affiliate link.Your cookie is good 24  h so don’t chose something over $400 because people take time to think about it when buying stuff that cost more. It can be anything within your topic or niche.

Those two things will double your click-through rate and bring you a lot of money.

Would you like to get free webinar spot and learn how to build 7 figure business online?If you do,I can offer you 2 gifts for just attending.Click webinar link to find out what they are.

Niche website plan for passive income


To have a niche site you need to get people there and for that you need one specific tool. You will get 8% from amazon,just link people to them.What ever they buy,you get 8%.

If you open new accounts you will get free money on them to advertise.

In the beginning it is hard with traffic and article writing but if you stick with it for few months Google will trust you and you will see a big jump in traffic.

Commision junction or upviral,we use to build websites with great tools. Chose something that works for you.In the beginning you will get $20,here and there and later it will jump to $1000’s.

It starts slow but it will go up fast if you follow few steps.

1.Topic/Niche: need content people want to read.You will find on this blog more on niche choosing but for now,use common sense.
If that doesn’t work try with amazon fee:

What works best is products between $150-$400,if price goes higher people want to do more research and that amazon cookie is good for 24h.Also,IT products like laptops will give you 2.5% and fashion or furniture will give you 8-10%.

2.Website-unlimited domains,hosting,autoresponder,surveys,giveaways and designer come in one package if you choose upviral,that is my affiliate offer to you.For the one small price you will get all this and more.You will be able to build many sites at one place.Support is great and fast.

3.Keywords-you will need keywords to write articles.All you need for successful website is 25 well written articles.I do NOT use keyword tools because they do not give me good results. For the word jatskying you will find 1000 searches with keyword tools which is just not true. lots of people in the word love jatskying.So,what do you do ,how do you find keywords? Use Google search.Type main keyword in and add space and letter A,then B,…. Find good keywords people already searching for.

4.Title-make it unusual.You want to get that click.Don’t use something everybody else is using. Top 10 xyz… , you’ll find that everywhere. Use something like…I don’t use keyword tools and this is why… Would you want to click on it? I would. Make it interesting,different.

5. Articles-the main rule is work with Google not against it. If you create 4000 words articles on it and leavit there,Google will send you traffic.Don’t build links,just leave it as is.
Articles must be original and well done.Give people good information and you will get traffic.

6.I do not place ads right away but you can decide for yourself.I wait untill I get 100K people per month.
Use amazon or any other ad system to get profit.

7.Products-affiliate product should be from $100-600,
not more.Why? Because people like to think about it few days if price is higher.Your amazon cookie is good only 24h.

8.Traffic-it will come from Google but if you want it to cam faster, you could use traffic from:

  • pinterest-90% woman(cooking,makeup,,..)
  • reddit-unusual posts and titles work best
  • youtube-give them half of your post and the rest on your blog.
  • chaino website

Fresh Traffic Sources Every week

I would like to post ,from time to time,new traffic source that I find. I have a small list to show you,which is enough for you to start and get some traffic on your website.

  • CHAINO                                          300 K/ month
  • AKONTER           bookmarking website
  • HACKERNEWS(dot)ORG          17 mill/m
  • KIWIBOX                                          120 K/m
  • BIZSUGAR                                         100K/m
  • GETPOCKET                                   45mill/m
  • ZEST                                                 200 K/m
  • DREAMWIDTH(dot)ORG         6mill/m
  • ABILOGIC                                       150K/m
  • XING                                                22mill/m
  • STEEMIT                                       30mill/m

This is a great source of traffic with a lot of categories. Post,bookmark and get traffic and backlinks to your blog. All this websites have follow backlinks.

All of this websites are free to join and use.


Webinar about SEO and what works in 2019-news from guys who make websites with just 30 articles on it and make $85,000/year(with just 1 website) and they have many….

Watch it,it is 59 minutes long

So,if you did watch this webinar, you will know that authority is the SEO king.Build websites like those described in a webinar with just 30 articles , 2500 words each and choose good niche and keywords in a way they tell you and you will see that spike after few months.After that traffic will come on it’s own.Google will send you traffic for years to come.

What guarantees your blogs success?

There is no good niche without competition online.
Know that you can do better.
If you see authority websites on the first page,don’t get into it.

When somebody starts niche,you have to follow to the end.
Don’t give up after 3 or 4 weeks.It will take Google few months to see you as goog site. Write good,long articles 2500 words long,about 30 and leave it to that.If you don’t get any traffic after 6 months,end it.

Do not make community website,social media is killing blogs.
Don’t go for it.You will get 2% of traffic from facebook,don’t count on it at all because you want passive niche website. If you must use youtube,pinterest and reddit to send some traffic but focus on article quality.That will give you all the traffic you need.It will come from Google.

Don’t use keyword tool for keywords, just ask Google search bar.
Type your main keyword plus letter A and see what you get.Work down the line b,c,d….

Look,one article can bring you 1000’s of people per day.One article,
well written will work better then anyother traffic for years.
Write 4000 word article with amazon links in it.

Need a great website with a lot of domains,hosting,autoresponder,designer,survey,giveaway,all in one place?

Get website

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Stop buying keyword tools!

Stop buying keyword tools and stop using keyword tools for adwords,eBay,youtube or anything else.

Stop buying keyword tools for adwords or youtube,here’s why. It doesn’t work at all.Example: a guy wanted to build a website around a niche  that he loves:Jet sky and he was looking up a word ‘the best jet sky’ which has 1ooo searches on keyword tool. There’s no way in hell,that that keyword has only 1000 searches online.That in entire internet only 1000 people are searching for it. So,stop buying keyword tools,there’s a better way to learn what works,what is profitable.Only tool you need is a Google search itself.

Why should you stop using keyword tools?

A keyword tool can cost you $70/month and you don’t get return on investment. So what to do? Use these two other options. One for main niche and other to get profitable keywords within the niche.BE CAREFUL in choosing your site idea!  While I think there are millions of ideas that can work, I’ve also had the sad experience dozens and dozens of times of seeing someone who poured 6 months of effort into a site that really stood very little chance of succeeding.  The idea just wasn’t good enough,it wasn’t profitable.It must be something people are interested in. Get a list here:

  1. Main niche keyword: we need this to build a website around that word or phrase :
    Product photography
    Jet boats
    Flipping homes
    Living in a van
    Hair loss
    AV for depositions
    Ice hockey

    This is a big idea and you can find more on income school site,just signup for a newsletter and you’ll get this list right away. They sell sites on flippa for $85,000

  2. Smaller keywords within a niche:  so type in the Google search  main keyword and space and then letter A,then B,then C and so on.You will see good keywords you can write about in your blog.
How do I know it is a winner?

NOTE:if you see authority sites you will probable not rank well but if you see just 500 word articles or yahoo questions you will rank high fast.It is important to write long articles,2000-4000 words.

Keyword tools are simply wrong,they don’t know this,they don’t know that you can go to amazon and find product for man,…hear loss , and woman too and sell them like crazy.

stop buying keyword tools

Each keyword is 2000 word article and amazon product. This is so called passive income.If you just have 25 articles well written,in a year you will be able to sell this website for high 5 figures.

Don’t place any kind of ads on article until your blog starts receiving  some traffic ,I will wait until I get 100k visits per month.You can do it when you get 1000 ,it’s up to you. When selling website,it always adds more value if you have a list of subscribers.So,go to jotform and create signup form or just use easy sign up app on your blog.

People are interested in every day topics,most common searches are the winner plus use some common sense.

I think at this point you should stop buying keyword tools online because it is not working for your benefit. If you follow those simple steps and use some common sense you will be able to build many profitable websites and have passive income for years to come. Work with Google,not against it. All Google wants is to deliver good , informative , quality content to others.


This is how those articles look like if you do your job well.Just 30 articles for keywords chosen on the first,second and third place on Google.

With a fresh website it will take a bit longer,this website with just 30 articles brings 50,000 page views from Google in 30 days.

What is the secret? Lets take a look at articles made and make some notes.

1.Make longer articles 2500 words,user experience is no.1 for Google

2.Take time to write well,give value

3.Use good images,format it well

How to write viral posts that bring millions on your blog posts?

I will tell you a real story about 6 articles that went viral and got over 11 million page views.

Great  title that makes them clicks “5 Google hacks that actually work”  vs. “New Google rules”,which one would you click on? I think that first one will bring in many people.

Have unique ideas when writing articles.

Don’t use everyone uses online…”Top 5 autoresponders online”,everyone is using this.Go with a something new…”Learn how to use autoresponder to get xyz” ,think of benefit they would want or “21 tips that will change everything about your business”.Sit and  think about it,do it well once and it will give you profit for years to come.

50,000 views in 30 days,1 article per day. If you sell to just 1% (500),for example $49 product,you will get $24,500 every month.And if you decide to sell it after 12 months….calculate 6 times value,almost $300,000.From just 1 website with 30 articles.

Use other platforms to let people know it’s there.Youtube,pinterest,reddit,…

Magazine Advertising

Magazine advertising for business owners online could be major source of mailing list subscribers  and a lot of people overlook this kind of marketing.Most people think it is expensive or they think that magazine readers aren’t internet savvy. People are internet savvy but not just magazine readers,good number of them have an internet connection and they could be your subscribers. The good thing about it that magazines have any caregorie you can imagine.

magazine advertising







Also,yumpu website has 30 day free trial.

US Magazines portal and so on…

Most people think that only big business can advertise in magazines which is not true.On fiverr,you can get magazine expert,they will designed your ad like a pro for very small price and ad could cost less then $20.


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7 figure business

figure business

Plugins and friendly blogging platforms that send fast traffic

Blogging platforms that send you fast traffic

If you starting your blog and want traffic faster because you know Google will need few months to send you some traffic,what can you do,what kind of blogging platforms could help you?

You can sign up for 3 things:

  • Pinterest
  • You Tube
  • Reddit

Why those platforms and not let’s say facebook? Facebook is not bloger friendly and I have head many pages on facebook with few 1000 followers that got me nowhere.


Pinterest is a platform with a 90% woman,so if you like those subjects like gardening,make up,cooking and so on ,pinterest is a great way to send some serious traffic to your website. First make a post on your blog that is sharable and helpful to others.Upload images,300×650 pixel.Pin it on the pinterest,join group boards,ask your friends to pin your post.

I have a 3 ways 0f doing that:

  1. First is try to answer questions they are talking about
  2. Second create interesting topic like 21 iconic gardening tools ever made
  3. Third Is your money maker part.The best gardening tool ever invented or the best I have ever had…

This is it,you will get a lot of traffic by doing that.I don’t place ads on my blog unless I get 100,000 page views per month first,then I start with adding plugins and ads from amazon and adthrive,few of affiliate links and my own product.

So,plugins,if you have any delete them.You will need 5 and they are all free.

Blog theme,the best one is x theme which will cost you $59 but theme twenty sixteen is also compatible with plugins and it is free to use.

Plugins you will need:

  • google analytics by share this
  • pretty links by B.Williams
  • spam honey pot by M.Turland
  • yoast SEO by Team Yoast
  • amazon affiliate link globalizer by Attila

That is all you need!

You Tube 

Create video with a half of post,use premade videos on flixpress and a rest on your blog.



Don’t spam,answer questions.Unusual post do well in my experience.So,if you make a post about hear and tell them it grows 1 inch per month,nobody will click on it. Go with,I did that and then this happened. It works so much better.


Write 1500-2000 words posts because they rank better on Google.From time to time go with 3500-4000 words plus images.

900 pix wide -big img

350 pix wide -small img

Moderate comments on your blog to remove negative words and also go through comments,moderate each yourself before you post anything.

Go to amazon associates and sign up to get affiliate link.Your customers/visitors ,when they click on that link will buy something on amazon and you will get % from all,not just product you promote on your website.

For example:

you could promote a book and they end up buying camera which cost $4000,you will get % from that camera sales.I think you start with 4%, if you live in US,if you don’t I am not sure. But 4% from $4000 is $160 and they could buy more things,….