Double your click-through rate by doing two things on your blog

How to double your page views and click-through rate right away?

5 ways to increase page views and click-through rate right now:

  • Bounce rate-people think it is not good to have high bounce rate.What that really means is one page view.Somebody will come to your blog post ready it and go away.
  • Exit rate-that is the last page they see before leaving your blog.So,sort them by exit page and  improve it.
  • Pages per session-1,5% per session is ok,if it’s more,great.
  • Session duration-one is 15 minutes,so if somebody comes to your blog and doesn’t stay 15 minutes on that page or click on other page on your blog,Google will not register that person as visitor.
  • Time on page-how long you can engage somebody on that blog,is it interesting enough for them to stay and read.

Second of two ways is:

click-through rate

You have to sell every link you have in specific way.  I don’t know if you have affiliate links or signup form but it should be like this…

“While I was building my house,I was always using a (some tool, xyz tool).It was great and very functional,easy to use but very expensive  so I had to save money  to buy it.Recently, I found something great but much cheaper on amazon ,if you want to see it click here.”

Highlight that and insert amazon affiliate link.Your cookie is good 24  h so don’t chose something over $400 because people take time to think about it when buying stuff that cost more. It can be anything within your topic or niche.

Those two things will double your click-through rate and bring you a lot of money.

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How do I make $100 online as a newbie?

I get this question from my subscribers all the time. So, I will tell you few ways you can do that.

If you are broke , you can still make money online.


1.find item in demand (bunk beds for example)

2.Find one and right click on the picture for google to find it online,that is your supplier.

3. find supplier,this one is from wallmart

it cost $159

All you do is connect them together. You don’t have to pay for advertising,ebay is free.So,when they order,you order from supplier.

2.Use facebook.create page about some topic.

for example fishing necklace

when they click on it,they will see a link to shopify page or amazon page.

Good thing is that here you own your traffic and on ebay anyone can be competition.

4.Something new on fiverr-they added short video ads

Prices are high,from $45 to $5000 per video

What do you do,if you don’t know how to make a video? Go to FlixPress and you can find already made videos:

just change few lines of text and this is it. Start with a lower price,lets say $20 to get reviews,you need customers to start climbing up and then you can increase your price bit more.

Flixpress is $1/month so you don’t have to invest a lot,also they have a free trial so you can start for free.


Solo ad advertising case study

I am trying to test everything out there and see what is the fastest way of getting traffic and subscribers. One website,UDIMI,is a website where people with a big subscribers list come and sell ads.

I decided to buy 100 targeted visitors and offer free webinar about how to get 7 figure business online. I am offering 2 bonuses,one is free facebook advertising money ,little over $800 and the other is a surprise if they stay until the end of that webinar.

Lots of people is doing solo ads to do affiliate marketing
and that is ok if you want side income.If you want to build a
business then you need to build a brand from the start.
You need to build trust and following. Once you can answer
question WHY. Believe in something and those who believe the same thing  will join you. Back to solo ads. This was my ad.


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I had 2 ads on facebook,also the same text and this is my result:102 visitors delivered in 3 days ,90% prime traffic from US,Canada,UK,New Zealand.

Out of all this visitors clicking my link,49% joined webinar.

At this point webinar didn’t started yet but it will be interesting to see how many will buy product.Product isn’t cheap.I will make $460 (50%) through click bank if anyone buy this product. Quality traffic should convert well,from 1%-3%.

We will know more in few days….


How to get guaranteed, free,massive traffic today?

Ok, you will need few things before you start.

  • new twitter account,not your personal one
  • register for
  • also,you will use for keywords


You will see traffic today if you do this.

You will make a twit that will get max views,I’ll show you how.Have your link in your account also,profile.Get picture and so on…140 characters is all you get,use google short link, Lets say you promote diet pill,make short link out of it.

Go to,up in the corner we will research keywords.Type your main keyword,’#diet’,’#weightloss’ to find out how many searches was made in the last 24h.

It gets a lot of views,on daily bases.Put that word in your twitter tags after link in the profile and post.
Before link write “Wanna burn fat w/o diet or exercise?

Check this out:your link    #tag1,#tag2,#tag3
That should be your first twit .

Now,go to website,click on try for free now button.Register,confirm email.You will get 50 points for that.Website works in a way,you do it for me and I will do it for you.If you like other peoples things,you get points and they send traffic to your blog or FB page or twitter.
Click green button Add site/page next.
Type-twitter re-tweets. Go to your tweet and click on ‘expend’ under your twit.That will give you ID numbers of your twitt,numbers should be pasted into  under type,link starts like this Tweet ID.
Copy that and go to addmefast to paste it into Tweet ID::word status/(your number here)
CPC:minimum is 5 points, I offer 8,didn’t see somebody using 10,never.Save. Do it again,green button add site/page
Type:twitter Favorites, other info the same,Save.

That is it,if you want more points,on the left side you will see what
you can do to get them,faster is to buy them but you don’t have to.
Click on twitter followers and you will get 8 points to follow somebody and so on.
This is free ,targeted traffic if you have good tags.
Do this daily 30 minutes and you will see traffic and sales.

Do you need a platform with tools and training?

Should you have banners on your blog or not?

Lots of people have banners on there blogs,promoting other peoples products for money.
Well,if you want to go this way,you can but if you want to build a brand and trust with your visitors,maybe you should think about it.

You should have your own product and push that first,after that you could recommend some other peoples products or use commperison.(X vs.Y)
Have affiliate product for each of them.

When I started I was using good free value for signups,and started with a small priced product higher.First it was $7 pdf and I had 24 sales,after that $25 product and so on.
Now,I only, aside from my own product,sell only high ticket stuff.
For example,some firms will give you $320 for free sign up.
Some up to 50% so you can make $1000 – $16,500 per sale.
If you do that,all you need is one sale per month.But you
can’t do it with a cold traffic with people you don’t know.
You need to build a trust,you need your 1000 loyal subscribers..
It doen’t last long to do that,I will show you how to do
that organic way or you can spee it up by buying them for
$0.50-$2 per lead.

blog banners
blog banners yes or no

Can you make a ton of leads without getting traffic? Yes,I will show you how in my next post tomorrow.How to make a 5 figures with a loop.