5 steps to grow 1K followers on instagram every day

  • Feed consistency
  • Feed style
  • Feed color or color theme
  1. Find your flow in 3 ways: 
5 steps to grow 1k instagram followers every day

People will find your picture , go to your profile to look your feed and then decide to follow you or not.

a)They look how your pictures look together and if you have videos on it

b)Pick your style:travel lie style,a cook,a model,makeup artist,…

c)download free HD software or buy color preset  ,from profesional sawyer hartman $40.

2.Join community:

a)leave smart comments

b)start dialog with viewers ,others and your own.

c)Interact and Inspire others

3.Look for your own voice

Craft your own original caption. Emotion,smell, view…you were there,tell them how it felt.Tag pictures….#5steps2growInstagramfollowers

4.Try to inspire others-look at things differently,try to add original stuff.

5.Don’t get distracted by other things.Post daily or create great pix so you can do it once per week.Quality will be noticed.Add link to your website,collaborate with others,that means new subs to your instagram.Go with a flow.