Stop buying keyword tools!

Stop buying keyword tools and stop using keyword tools for adwords,eBay,youtube or anything else.

Stop buying keyword tools for adwords or youtube,here’s why. It doesn’t work at all.Example: a guy wanted to build a website around a niche  that he loves:Jet sky and he was looking up a word ‘the best jet sky’ which has 1ooo searches on keyword tool. There’s no way in hell,that that keyword has only 1000 searches online.That in entire internet only 1000 people are searching for it. So,stop buying keyword tools,there’s a better way to learn what works,what is profitable.Only tool you need is a Google search itself.

Why should you stop using keyword tools?

A keyword tool can cost you $70/month and you don’t get return on investment. So what to do? Use these two other options. One for main niche and other to get profitable keywords within the niche.BE CAREFUL in choosing your site idea!  While I think there are millions of ideas that can work, I’ve also had the sad experience dozens and dozens of times of seeing someone who poured 6 months of effort into a site that really stood very little chance of succeeding.  The idea just wasn’t good enough,it wasn’t profitable.It must be something people are interested in. Get a list here:

  1. Main niche keyword: we need this to build a website around that word or phrase :
    Product photography
    Jet boats
    Flipping homes
    Living in a van
    Hair loss
    AV for depositions
    Ice hockey

    This is a big idea and you can find more on income school site,just signup for a newsletter and you’ll get this list right away. They sell sites on flippa for $85,000

  2. Smaller keywords within a niche:  so type in the Google search  main keyword and space and then letter A,then B,then C and so on.You will see good keywords you can write about in your blog.
How do I know it is a winner?

NOTE:if you see authority sites you will probable not rank well but if you see just 500 word articles or yahoo questions you will rank high fast.It is important to write long articles,2000-4000 words.

Keyword tools are simply wrong,they don’t know this,they don’t know that you can go to amazon and find product for man,…hear loss , and woman too and sell them like crazy.

stop buying keyword tools

Each keyword is 2000 word article and amazon product. This is so called passive income.If you just have 25 articles well written,in a year you will be able to sell this website for high 5 figures.

Don’t place any kind of ads on article until your blog starts receiving  some traffic ,I will wait until I get 100k visits per month.You can do it when you get 1000 ,it’s up to you. When selling website,it always adds more value if you have a list of subscribers.So,go to jotform and create signup form or just use easy sign up app on your blog.

People are interested in every day topics,most common searches are the winner plus use some common sense.

I think at this point you should stop buying keyword tools online because it is not working for your benefit. If you follow those simple steps and use some common sense you will be able to build many profitable websites and have passive income for years to come. Work with Google,not against it. All Google wants is to deliver good , informative , quality content to others.


This is how those articles look like if you do your job well.Just 30 articles for keywords chosen on the first,second and third place on Google.

With a fresh website it will take a bit longer,this website with just 30 articles brings 50,000 page views from Google in 30 days.

What is the secret? Lets take a look at articles made and make some notes.

1.Make longer articles 2500 words,user experience is no.1 for Google

2.Take time to write well,give value

3.Use good images,format it well

How to write viral posts that bring millions on your blog posts?

I will tell you a real story about 6 articles that went viral and got over 11 million page views.

Great  title that makes them clicks “5 Google hacks that actually work”  vs. “New Google rules”,which one would you click on? I think that first one will bring in many people.

Have unique ideas when writing articles.

Don’t use everyone uses online…”Top 5 autoresponders online”,everyone is using this.Go with a something new…”Learn how to use autoresponder to get xyz” ,think of benefit they would want or “21 tips that will change everything about your business”.Sit and  think about it,do it well once and it will give you profit for years to come.

50,000 views in 30 days,1 article per day. If you sell to just 1% (500),for example $49 product,you will get $24,500 every month.And if you decide to sell it after 12 months….calculate 6 times value,almost $300,000.From just 1 website with 30 articles.

Use other platforms to let people know it’s there.Youtube,pinterest,reddit,…

Plugins and friendly blogging platforms that send fast traffic

Blogging platforms that send you fast traffic

If you starting your blog and want traffic faster because you know Google will need few months to send you some traffic,what can you do,what kind of blogging platforms could help you?

You can sign up for 3 things:

  • Pinterest
  • You Tube
  • Reddit

Why those platforms and not let’s say facebook? Facebook is not bloger friendly and I have head many pages on facebook with few 1000 followers that got me nowhere.


Pinterest is a platform with a 90% woman,so if you like those subjects like gardening,make up,cooking and so on ,pinterest is a great way to send some serious traffic to your website. First make a post on your blog that is sharable and helpful to others.Upload images,300×650 pixel.Pin it on the pinterest,join group boards,ask your friends to pin your post.

I have a 3 ways 0f doing that:

  1. First is try to answer questions they are talking about
  2. Second create interesting topic like 21 iconic gardening tools ever made
  3. Third Is your money maker part.The best gardening tool ever invented or the best I have ever had…

This is it,you will get a lot of traffic by doing that.I don’t place ads on my blog unless I get 100,000 page views per month first,then I start with adding plugins and ads from amazon and adthrive,few of affiliate links and my own product.

So,plugins,if you have any delete them.You will need 5 and they are all free.

Blog theme,the best one is x theme which will cost you $59 but theme twenty sixteen is also compatible with plugins and it is free to use.

Plugins you will need:

  • google analytics by share this
  • pretty links by B.Williams
  • spam honey pot by M.Turland
  • yoast SEO by Team Yoast
  • amazon affiliate link globalizer by Attila

That is all you need!

You Tube 

Create video with a half of post,use premade videos on flixpress and a rest on your blog.



Don’t spam,answer questions.Unusual post do well in my experience.So,if you make a post about hear and tell them it grows 1 inch per month,nobody will click on it. Go with,I did that and then this happened. It works so much better.


Write 1500-2000 words posts because they rank better on Google.From time to time go with 3500-4000 words plus images.

900 pix wide -big img

350 pix wide -small img

Moderate comments on your blog to remove negative words and also go through comments,moderate each yourself before you post anything.

Go to amazon associates and sign up to get affiliate link.Your customers/visitors ,when they click on that link will buy something on amazon and you will get % from all,not just product you promote on your website.

For example:

you could promote a book and they end up buying camera which cost $4000,you will get % from that camera sales.I think you start with 4%, if you live in US,if you don’t I am not sure. But 4% from $4000 is $160 and they could buy more things,….


New FREE Traffic source plus why you shouldn’t build backlinks to your website?

This is a new website from 2016 ,it is global community of like minded  people. It is called does it work? Well,you can broadcast,add articles,stories, add images,videos,link to your website,tag it and get loads of traffic to your site.Don’t spam,add value.

We need multiple traffic sources to our websites.For backlinks do this…
Do nothing,  let it happen on it’s own. Backlinking manually like that will help you rank on Google faster but traffic will be lower.If you don’t do anything and post 25 articles on it,original content, in a year you will get over 50,000 people on your website every month. Let me show you.

Watch video about it:

Write 1900 word articles that are helpful and rich with information.Make great content and let Google do it’s thing.If you trying to trick Google , it will cost you traffic.Google is looking for helpful content for people,thats all.

Google is smart,and if you want to build something good for a long time to stay, do it like that.For years to come, build a niche websites,build 40 niche sites you can sell in a year.
In a year,each will make $2000-$4000 per month. If you go to flippa website that does website selling and buying you will learn that you can sell your niche website for a 6 x value-that is from $12,000 to $24,000 per site.

40 websites x 24000=$960,000.I know it’s a lot of work but if you join guys ina video all you need to do is write or buy 25 articles per websites,they will show you profitable niches,help you with a domains and so on.

I am not affiliate for there business but it looks like a great investment.

Hope it helps. Need more traffic,click this link.

Need a free webinar on how to do all this yourself,go to “Learn how to build a 7 figure business step by step free webinar“.

How to optimize your website to get  TRAFFIC?

Are you affiliate? Looking to get into affiliate programs?
I will tell you how to optimize your website to get a lot
of targeted traffic on your website fast.

If you have an affiliate link,that’s OK too.
I am doing that with a free webinar in which we show you
how to build 7 figure business online,and also make some money on the webinar so you can see it how it’s done in real time.I can’t promise it will be you, but one of you,
so be on time.Also,we give away 2 bonuses ,one is money,around $800 for few of you and the other is surprise in the end of the webinar. Go to:

Now,back to my lesson.
How to get  traffic to your website ,free?

  1. Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen
  2. Create your own professional websites
  3. Video-use:(you can find on amazon for $63.99)Video Camera Camcorder SOSUN HD 1080P 24.0MP 3.0 Inch LCD 270 Degrees Rotatable Screen 16X Digital Zoom Camera Recorder and 2 Batteries(301S-Plus)

    Video camera:The camera can support 24M resolution ratio of image and 1080p resolution ratio of video(15FPS),the image format is JPEG,the video format is AVI.3.0 inch 270 degree rotation TFT LCD screen, 16X digital zoom,dual LED white lights in front of the camera. The camera is small, lightweight carry to everywhere and simple to use.(The camera is designed for Amateurs, not for Professional Users)
    Camcorder Camera:The camcorder has multi-function,it supports Face Detect,Smile Capture, internal Microphone and Speaker(record sound videos),Date Stamp(set time and date),Take Photos,Record Videos,Playback Modes,Auto Power-off,USB 2.0 interface,TV output,multi-language ,Windows 7/10/2002/XP/Vista/macOS Operating System,Format memory card(Please format the memory card through this camera when you first use the camera),Factory reset.
    Pause Function:The camera has pause function,you can choose to pause the videos when you were recording camera videos.Then continue with the same file without having to start a new one file.It is easy for you to edit and upload your videos to the YouTube.You can use a USB cable connect to the computer to watch the photos and videos,also can use a AV cable connect to the TV to watch the photos and videos.It is very convenient and easy to operate.
    Portable Camcorder:The camcorder can’t support external microphone,but the camera support “LED Video Light”.(the LED Video Light is not included)The camcorder support the SD memory card and MMC card,4GB up to 32GB.(the SD card is not included in the package)The camcorder support the tripod connection and the hole is standard size.(the tripod is not included)The camcorder is a good gift for kids,parents,family and friends,suit the travel,record happiness moments at home and outdoor.
    Recording While Charging:The camera come with a rechargeable battery(The battery name is NP-40).If the battery full charged(Please charge the battery up to 8 hours the first time you use it),it allows you to keep recording about 2 to2.5 hours normally.The camera can support recording while charging,don’t worry no power to record long videos anytime. Camera provide one month free refund or replacement,one year warranty.Any questions,welcome to feel free to contact our customer service team!

     I am not affiliate for this but it sells really well on amazon.

  4. This is very important:download unicorn smasher to your pc

That app is a keyword tool for amazon,it will tell you what sells good.This is how it looks:

So download app unicorn smasher,go to amazon,sign up for amazon affiliate program(footer),sell t-shirts from your website.You will make 5-6 figures .

Traffic will come with seo and websites I list below:

Traffic   – 11 million traffic source




Business Online-steps

Cooking is a passion for many people,I will take that as example.So, try to do reverse affiliate research-or  pick amazon top seller. For example:
*video is always hot
*reviewing stuff on video is hot
are you comfy to make a video on this topic for a year,ask yourself?

2. Find out about demographic
What people want to know?
if cooking-is it tools,recipes,…
Look what people looking on Google,what they searching for? Find keywords on Google analytics.

SEO is important,learn it. SEO is a way to interact with machines and back.Also, tells us how machines interact with us.

Go to pixabay,they have already pre-made videos for you,one is free(2 minutes).After that,less then $1 for 10 minute videos.

Magic is in the words you say. I have started with a 5 minutes but 10 is the best,if you looking to sell from youtube.

5.Post on YouTube
Help your videos to start getting traffic,go on fiverr-ask for video syndication on blogs, for a backlinks,embed videos on others blogs.They share videos,like and subscribe. In the end of video,you must have a-call for action or call to go to your page.

1.find niche/product
2.keyword research
3.freebie+optin 10 minutes
5.traffic to optin list(email is the best way to sell,you tube is second best)

Need traffic? – how to get guaranteed massive traffic today?



How do I make $100 online as a newbie?

I get this question from my subscribers all the time. So, I will tell you few ways you can do that.

If you are broke , you can still make money online.


1.find item in demand (bunk beds for example)

2.Find one and right click on the picture for google to find it online,that is your supplier.

3. find supplier,this one is from wallmart

it cost $159

All you do is connect them together. You don’t have to pay for advertising,ebay is free.So,when they order,you order from supplier.

2.Use facebook.create page about some topic.

for example fishing necklace

when they click on it,they will see a link to shopify page or amazon page.

Good thing is that here you own your traffic and on ebay anyone can be competition.

4.Something new on fiverr-they added short video ads

Prices are high,from $45 to $5000 per video

What do you do,if you don’t know how to make a video? Go to FlixPress and you can find already made videos:

just change few lines of text and this is it. Start with a lower price,lets say $20 to get reviews,you need customers to start climbing up and then you can increase your price bit more.

Flixpress is $1/month so you don’t have to invest a lot,also they have a free trial so you can start for free.


Influencers in your niche and how do you find them?

Why do you need important blogs in your niche? Because you want backlinks,you want importance of your blog to grow. So, what can you do about it?

Today you going to start blog commenting,find blogs and add them to your spreadsheet. How do you find them? Use this for search in Google:


inurl :YOUR NICHE intext:”powered by vbulletin”

Read the article on the blog and try to add comment with a value to blogger.If you just say Hi or spam ,your comment will be deleted.

You can also leave your link on forums,big platforms and some other places but always look for content relevant to your niche.

Platform for list building

Pay attention to your emotional state

We are all,more less,smart as fuck.It is not about you not being able
to understand how this works.Most people have so much on there mind that
they cant function as they should.

You have to pay attention to your emotional state,music you listen,it takes you
some place,happiness,sadness,…Observe it and don’t do it if it’s not good.
Discipline is a no.1 problem when doing business online….


Download this app free,anything you post on your blog will go on all social media you have.

SNAP-Social network auto poster.

Social Networks Auto Poster {SNAP} – Free plugin for WordPress


…what I did is  Higher Balance method. What does it do?

  • it effectively balances both brain hemispheres,leading to accelerated learning,laser-like focus and a deep level of intuition.
  • it is powerful enough to feel it’s life changing effect within minutes
  • it activates dormant portions of your brain in just two minutes,leading to deep thought,greater control over your mind and body, and access to limitless reservoirs of creativity.
  • You can move your mind between  dimensions,a skill that empowers you to access vast stores of knowledge and universal wisdom.
  • it can be practiced anywhere and at any time.Whether you are driving to work,in the shower,lying in bed,or even waiting for your food,you could be well on your way to complete inner peace.
  • it is harmonically perfected by your consciousness to propel your brain forward flawlessly.
  • you can experience blissful states of consciousness that go even deeper than trained Yogis without decades of 24/7 practice.The MASTER in YOU has patiently waited for you to awaken.

The simplest way to make money online

The simplest way to make money online so you can have advertising budget for your own business. A lot of people out there don’t have a money to start business online in a way they want it.

So, what can you do? You have to have little money to make money. I will assume you have a job and a paycheck. Everybody can get $50 to start.


Skyway capital-firm from Ukraine,Minsk. They have invented transport of the future. A train that runs with a great speed and it is in the air. They have a base on every continent and ,as for now,(18 July 2018) they are in a phase 12 out of 15 . Anyone can buy stocks and a cheapest package is $250.You can buy monthly for $25 each month.  

You will get 18000 shares to start with and once they get on the market,if  it goes for just $1,it will be $18,000 in your pocket.Since they go globally I hope it will go higher.For example ,facebook share is $193. In your case that would be close to $3.5 million.from $250 to $3.5 million in few years from now. Skyway

2. Bitcoin is going strong but you could invest in some other coins with a good future.For example SLT, as for now $0.50 ,they are not on the market yet but soon will be and a coindeal values it $3.35.

3.If you really don’t have any money,maybe you could start with a fiverr,offer your service.Website mTurk also something like that, a place where you could be paid to do some tasks.You can make $100-$200 per month without any kind of skills. They offer tasks like watching videos,liking videos,posting comments,…

So,if you really want to start business on your own,you can.It will take a bit longer without budget but you can still get there.Advertise on big traffic sites like

Traffic online

Did you do everything right and no sales?

Check for those mistakes…
It is easy to make them,because we are humans.

1.Your audience is not buying kind.
That is because you don’t use segmentation.With segmentation, you can have a great focus on so many different factors… what your audience is or isn’t interested in, what they know. Maybe they only want free stuff.

2.Talking to a friend,not customer,not a group of people,just one person.

When sending email to your audience,always have in mind that you are talking to that one subscriber,not a group.You might have 10,000 people on your list but when sending email,talk to that one person,make them feel special.They don’t know each other and they don’t care about each other.They want to know that you care about them and what they want.

3.Not tracking anything

You don’t know what is going on and you don’t care.That is a recipe for disaster. At some point you will want to make money with your list and if you don’t know what they want you will not be successful.

For every email you send,you should know who clicked,who took time to read it and maybe answer questions or survey. You can use Google Analytics.

4.Wrong people

When creating lead magnet to people to get on your list,lead magnet MUST be related to your product in the future.If you give them discount coupon for a MCDonalds and selling books,you will not make many sales.

5. Trust and value

You heard :”money is in your list”,well money is in your relationship with your list.If they don’t trust you and feel they didn’t get value from you,you will not make any sales.

Always see them as friends,what they need ,lets help them and if you do,they will trust you and buy from you. It is annoying if you send promotion after promotion and no value at all.This happens to me every day. Set yourself a part from those people and build a trust.Give them free 30 day program,teach them something.If that works they will stay on your list forever.Give something you would sell for free and in the future,they will buy from you many times.


For example, I use ConnectAudience to make sure that whenever I send out an email promotion, I retarget anyone who opens my email on Facebook as well.This drives another 50% revenue on top of my email promotions, just because I took the time to cross-platform retarget. Also facebook pixel on your website,every time somebody comes to your website,first time they login to facebook they will see your ads.

7. Ask the subscribers to *participate* – this can be done in a many ways,  ask for help by doing survey,offer something in return or ask them to comment on something, or ask they if they like customer care. People love to be treated as partners.What do you get out of that is that the subscribers who respond then becomes the most committed members of your growing community.

8. Have a growth plan – make a real plan, in hard copy, so others can participate in the plan process, and then execute the plan. Ask them:

– ask them what they want to learn
– ask about problems they have
– ask about form they want your product to be,video,pdf,audio,one on one,…

9. Use humour -try to entertain them,imagine you talking to your friend, trying to explain something.

See how you can build a list in just 30 days free video