Niche website plan for passive income


To have a niche site you need to get people there and for that you need one specific tool. You will get 8% from amazon,just link people to them.What ever they buy,you get 8%.

If you open new accounts you will get free money on them to advertise.

In the beginning it is hard with traffic and article writing but if you stick with it for few months Google will trust you and you will see a big jump in traffic.

Commision junction or upviral,we use to build websites with great tools. Chose something that works for you.In the beginning you will get $20,here and there and later it will jump to $1000’s.

It starts slow but it will go up fast if you follow few steps.

1.Topic/Niche: need content people want to read.You will find on this blog more on niche choosing but for now,use common sense.
If that doesn’t work try with amazon fee:

What works best is products between $150-$400,if price goes higher people want to do more research and that amazon cookie is good for 24h.Also,IT products like laptops will give you 2.5% and fashion or furniture will give you 8-10%.

2.Website-unlimited domains,hosting,autoresponder,surveys,giveaways and designer come in one package if you choose upviral,that is my affiliate offer to you.For the one small price you will get all this and more.You will be able to build many sites at one place.Support is great and fast.

3.Keywords-you will need keywords to write articles.All you need for successful website is 25 well written articles.I do NOT use keyword tools because they do not give me good results. For the word jatskying you will find 1000 searches with keyword tools which is just not true. lots of people in the word love jatskying.So,what do you do ,how do you find keywords? Use Google search.Type main keyword in and add space and letter A,then B,…. Find good keywords people already searching for.

4.Title-make it unusual.You want to get that click.Don’t use something everybody else is using. Top 10 xyz… , you’ll find that everywhere. Use something like…I don’t use keyword tools and this is why… Would you want to click on it? I would. Make it interesting,different.

5. Articles-the main rule is work with Google not against it. If you create 4000 words articles on it and leavit there,Google will send you traffic.Don’t build links,just leave it as is.
Articles must be original and well done.Give people good information and you will get traffic.

6.I do not place ads right away but you can decide for yourself.I wait untill I get 100K people per month.
Use amazon or any other ad system to get profit.

7.Products-affiliate product should be from $100-600,
not more.Why? Because people like to think about it few days if price is higher.Your amazon cookie is good only 24h.

8.Traffic-it will come from Google but if you want it to cam faster, you could use traffic from:

  • pinterest-90% woman(cooking,makeup,,..)
  • reddit-unusual posts and titles work best
  • youtube-give them half of your post and the rest on your blog.
  • chaino website