List of online traffic platforms

1. || do follow ||authority 69 ||17 million per month|| (signup,click submit,strong title,1 paragraf. Like Reddit .
2. ||do follow|| authority 86|| 6 miliona/m || blogging platform(create/post entry/post originalan,tags,link)
3. ||do follow|| authority 66 ||150 mill./m|| (click post new entry,strong title,ad img,video,link,article,tags are very important,SEO visibility to all,publish-Find more,community’s-connect with groups)
4. ||do follow|| authority 73||18 mil.|| (click ad link,ad post,youtube video,link,tags)
5. ||do follow||authority 74 ||45 mil US traffic|| (bookmarking service,bookmark your own content,paste content,save,videos,tags save,click share it arrow-recommend ad original content.)
6. ||do follow||authority59 || 100K/m ||(bookmarking)
7. ||do follow||authority 93 || 22 mill||(like facebook,share video,link,follow people in groups)
8. ||do follow ||authority 82 ||30 miliona|| (blogging,earn  crypto money,works like reddit-find topic left,post article,img,video,link,5 tags.Follow people)
9. ||do follow || authority ? || 10 miliona|| ( like yahoo answers)
10. ||do follow ||authority 64 ||36 miliona/ m.|| (app-like a reddit,chose aminos-groups,each has mill. of members,post from the mob. You can create surveys,quiz )
334,100,000 / per month!


Fresh Traffic Sources Every week

I would like to post ,from time to time,new traffic source that I find. I have a small list to show you,which is enough for you to start and get some traffic on your website.

  • CHAINO                                          300 K/ month
  • AKONTER           bookmarking website
  • HACKERNEWS(dot)ORG          17 mill/m
  • KIWIBOX                                          120 K/m
  • BIZSUGAR                                         100K/m
  • GETPOCKET                                   45mill/m
  • ZEST                                                 200 K/m
  • DREAMWIDTH(dot)ORG         6mill/m
  • ABILOGIC                                       150K/m
  • XING                                                22mill/m
  • STEEMIT                                       30mill/m

This is a great source of traffic with a lot of categories. Post,bookmark and get traffic and backlinks to your blog. All this websites have follow backlinks.

All of this websites are free to join and use.

Plugins and friendly blogging platforms that send fast traffic

Blogging platforms that send you fast traffic

If you starting your blog and want traffic faster because you know Google will need few months to send you some traffic,what can you do,what kind of blogging platforms could help you?

You can sign up for 3 things:

  • Pinterest
  • You Tube
  • Reddit

Why those platforms and not let’s say facebook? Facebook is not bloger friendly and I have head many pages on facebook with few 1000 followers that got me nowhere.


Pinterest is a platform with a 90% woman,so if you like those subjects like gardening,make up,cooking and so on ,pinterest is a great way to send some serious traffic to your website. First make a post on your blog that is sharable and helpful to others.Upload images,300×650 pixel.Pin it on the pinterest,join group boards,ask your friends to pin your post.

I have a 3 ways 0f doing that:

  1. First is try to answer questions they are talking about
  2. Second create interesting topic like 21 iconic gardening tools ever made
  3. Third Is your money maker part.The best gardening tool ever invented or the best I have ever had…

This is it,you will get a lot of traffic by doing that.I don’t place ads on my blog unless I get 100,000 page views per month first,then I start with adding plugins and ads from amazon and adthrive,few of affiliate links and my own product.

So,plugins,if you have any delete them.You will need 5 and they are all free.

Blog theme,the best one is x theme which will cost you $59 but theme twenty sixteen is also compatible with plugins and it is free to use.

Plugins you will need:

  • google analytics by share this
  • pretty links by B.Williams
  • spam honey pot by M.Turland
  • yoast SEO by Team Yoast
  • amazon affiliate link globalizer by Attila

That is all you need!

You Tube 

Create video with a half of post,use premade videos on flixpress and a rest on your blog.



Don’t spam,answer questions.Unusual post do well in my experience.So,if you make a post about hear and tell them it grows 1 inch per month,nobody will click on it. Go with,I did that and then this happened. It works so much better.


Write 1500-2000 words posts because they rank better on Google.From time to time go with 3500-4000 words plus images.

900 pix wide -big img

350 pix wide -small img

Moderate comments on your blog to remove negative words and also go through comments,moderate each yourself before you post anything.

Go to amazon associates and sign up to get affiliate link.Your customers/visitors ,when they click on that link will buy something on amazon and you will get % from all,not just product you promote on your website.

For example:

you could promote a book and they end up buying camera which cost $4000,you will get % from that camera sales.I think you start with 4%, if you live in US,if you don’t I am not sure. But 4% from $4000 is $160 and they could buy more things,….


New FREE Traffic source plus why you shouldn’t build backlinks to your website?

This is a new website from 2016 ,it is global community of like minded  people. It is called does it work? Well,you can broadcast,add articles,stories, add images,videos,link to your website,tag it and get loads of traffic to your site.Don’t spam,add value.

We need multiple traffic sources to our websites.For backlinks do this…
Do nothing,  let it happen on it’s own. Backlinking manually like that will help you rank on Google faster but traffic will be lower.If you don’t do anything and post 25 articles on it,original content, in a year you will get over 50,000 people on your website every month. Let me show you.

Watch video about it:

Write 1900 word articles that are helpful and rich with information.Make great content and let Google do it’s thing.If you trying to trick Google , it will cost you traffic.Google is looking for helpful content for people,thats all.

Google is smart,and if you want to build something good for a long time to stay, do it like that.For years to come, build a niche websites,build 40 niche sites you can sell in a year.
In a year,each will make $2000-$4000 per month. If you go to flippa website that does website selling and buying you will learn that you can sell your niche website for a 6 x value-that is from $12,000 to $24,000 per site.

40 websites x 24000=$960,000.I know it’s a lot of work but if you join guys ina video all you need to do is write or buy 25 articles per websites,they will show you profitable niches,help you with a domains and so on.

I am not affiliate for there business but it looks like a great investment.

Hope it helps. Need more traffic,click this link.

Need a free webinar on how to do all this yourself,go to “Learn how to build a 7 figure business step by step free webinar“.

5 steps to grow 1K followers on instagram every day

  • Feed consistency
  • Feed style
  • Feed color or color theme
  1. Find your flow in 3 ways: 
5 steps to grow 1k instagram followers every day

People will find your picture , go to your profile to look your feed and then decide to follow you or not.

a)They look how your pictures look together and if you have videos on it

b)Pick your style:travel lie style,a cook,a model,makeup artist,…

c)download free HD software or buy color preset  ,from profesional sawyer hartman $40.

2.Join community:

a)leave smart comments

b)start dialog with viewers ,others and your own.

c)Interact and Inspire others

3.Look for your own voice

Craft your own original caption. Emotion,smell, view…you were there,tell them how it felt.Tag pictures….#5steps2growInstagramfollowers

4.Try to inspire others-look at things differently,try to add original stuff.

5.Don’t get distracted by other things.Post daily or create great pix so you can do it once per week.Quality will be noticed.Add link to your website,collaborate with others,that means new subs to your instagram.Go with a flow.

How to optimize your website to get  TRAFFIC?

Are you affiliate? Looking to get into affiliate programs?
I will tell you how to optimize your website to get a lot
of targeted traffic on your website fast.

If you have an affiliate link,that’s OK too.
I am doing that with a free webinar in which we show you
how to build 7 figure business online,and also make some money on the webinar so you can see it how it’s done in real time.I can’t promise it will be you, but one of you,
so be on time.Also,we give away 2 bonuses ,one is money,around $800 for few of you and the other is surprise in the end of the webinar. Go to:

Now,back to my lesson.
How to get  traffic to your website ,free?

  1. Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen
  2. Create your own professional websites
  3. Video-use:(you can find on amazon for $63.99)Video Camera Camcorder SOSUN HD 1080P 24.0MP 3.0 Inch LCD 270 Degrees Rotatable Screen 16X Digital Zoom Camera Recorder and 2 Batteries(301S-Plus)

    Video camera:The camera can support 24M resolution ratio of image and 1080p resolution ratio of video(15FPS),the image format is JPEG,the video format is AVI.3.0 inch 270 degree rotation TFT LCD screen, 16X digital zoom,dual LED white lights in front of the camera. The camera is small, lightweight carry to everywhere and simple to use.(The camera is designed for Amateurs, not for Professional Users)
    Camcorder Camera:The camcorder has multi-function,it supports Face Detect,Smile Capture, internal Microphone and Speaker(record sound videos),Date Stamp(set time and date),Take Photos,Record Videos,Playback Modes,Auto Power-off,USB 2.0 interface,TV output,multi-language ,Windows 7/10/2002/XP/Vista/macOS Operating System,Format memory card(Please format the memory card through this camera when you first use the camera),Factory reset.
    Pause Function:The camera has pause function,you can choose to pause the videos when you were recording camera videos.Then continue with the same file without having to start a new one file.It is easy for you to edit and upload your videos to the YouTube.You can use a USB cable connect to the computer to watch the photos and videos,also can use a AV cable connect to the TV to watch the photos and videos.It is very convenient and easy to operate.
    Portable Camcorder:The camcorder can’t support external microphone,but the camera support “LED Video Light”.(the LED Video Light is not included)The camcorder support the SD memory card and MMC card,4GB up to 32GB.(the SD card is not included in the package)The camcorder support the tripod connection and the hole is standard size.(the tripod is not included)The camcorder is a good gift for kids,parents,family and friends,suit the travel,record happiness moments at home and outdoor.
    Recording While Charging:The camera come with a rechargeable battery(The battery name is NP-40).If the battery full charged(Please charge the battery up to 8 hours the first time you use it),it allows you to keep recording about 2 to2.5 hours normally.The camera can support recording while charging,don’t worry no power to record long videos anytime. Camera provide one month free refund or replacement,one year warranty.Any questions,welcome to feel free to contact our customer service team!

     I am not affiliate for this but it sells really well on amazon.

  4. This is very important:download unicorn smasher to your pc

That app is a keyword tool for amazon,it will tell you what sells good.This is how it looks:

So download app unicorn smasher,go to amazon,sign up for amazon affiliate program(footer),sell t-shirts from your website.You will make 5-6 figures .

Traffic will come with seo and websites I list below:

Traffic   – 11 million traffic source




Business Online-steps

Cooking is a passion for many people,I will take that as example.So, try to do reverse affiliate research-or  pick amazon top seller. For example:
*video is always hot
*reviewing stuff on video is hot
are you comfy to make a video on this topic for a year,ask yourself?

2. Find out about demographic
What people want to know?
if cooking-is it tools,recipes,…
Look what people looking on Google,what they searching for? Find keywords on Google analytics.

SEO is important,learn it. SEO is a way to interact with machines and back.Also, tells us how machines interact with us.

Go to pixabay,they have already pre-made videos for you,one is free(2 minutes).After that,less then $1 for 10 minute videos.

Magic is in the words you say. I have started with a 5 minutes but 10 is the best,if you looking to sell from youtube.

5.Post on YouTube
Help your videos to start getting traffic,go on fiverr-ask for video syndication on blogs, for a backlinks,embed videos on others blogs.They share videos,like and subscribe. In the end of video,you must have a-call for action or call to go to your page.

1.find niche/product
2.keyword research
3.freebie+optin 10 minutes
5.traffic to optin list(email is the best way to sell,you tube is second best)

Need traffic? – how to get guaranteed massive traffic today?



How to get guaranteed, free,massive traffic today?

Ok, you will need few things before you start.

  • new twitter account,not your personal one
  • register for
  • also,you will use for keywords


You will see traffic today if you do this.

You will make a twit that will get max views,I’ll show you how.Have your link in your account also,profile.Get picture and so on…140 characters is all you get,use google short link, Lets say you promote diet pill,make short link out of it.

Go to,up in the corner we will research keywords.Type your main keyword,’#diet’,’#weightloss’ to find out how many searches was made in the last 24h.

It gets a lot of views,on daily bases.Put that word in your twitter tags after link in the profile and post.
Before link write “Wanna burn fat w/o diet or exercise?

Check this out:your link    #tag1,#tag2,#tag3
That should be your first twit .

Now,go to website,click on try for free now button.Register,confirm email.You will get 50 points for that.Website works in a way,you do it for me and I will do it for you.If you like other peoples things,you get points and they send traffic to your blog or FB page or twitter.
Click green button Add site/page next.
Type-twitter re-tweets. Go to your tweet and click on ‘expend’ under your twit.That will give you ID numbers of your twitt,numbers should be pasted into  under type,link starts like this Tweet ID.
Copy that and go to addmefast to paste it into Tweet ID::word status/(your number here)
CPC:minimum is 5 points, I offer 8,didn’t see somebody using 10,never.Save. Do it again,green button add site/page
Type:twitter Favorites, other info the same,Save.

That is it,if you want more points,on the left side you will see what
you can do to get them,faster is to buy them but you don’t have to.
Click on twitter followers and you will get 8 points to follow somebody and so on.
This is free ,targeted traffic if you have good tags.
Do this daily 30 minutes and you will see traffic and sales.

Do you need a platform with tools and training?

11 million users free traffic source for you

I am talking about platform.You can find all kind of groups and topics an you can publish your content there in 3 different groups. They are very active,1000’s of people,it is indexed by Google and you get back links to your website.Links are no follow but still valuable.

Networking with others or building your own group and collecting following for your own website,signups or potential buyers.

traffic for free

Need more….

50 Ways To Get Traffic – from Kam Jennings you can download from

50 million-100 million visitors per month.It has 172 topics you ca use or make your own.It is called add value and promote yourself,it is like yahoo answers.Help them and you will get signups.No spamming at all or you will be kicked out.Top answer gets 1 million views,if you can give good answer,it will pay off for you.

more traffic for you



Source for online traffic of 6 million people you can use now for free and…

This is a great platform on which you can advertise for free and you can also pay to get more views.



Close to 6 million people you can advertise to and they are coming from 130 countries.

Topics are what ever you need…question is why is this platform special? Because,guess who is advertising on it? Let me show you just few…

mega traffic online now
mega traffic online free.You will get full access in 3 versions:

Really big names come and advertise here. You can use banners and join free but pro option is dirt cheap.

Personal $2.99/month,10 GB of storage
Advanced $4.99/ month, 100 GB of storage
Professional $9.99/ month,1TB of storage
It is a lot like pinterest.
Individual plans for teachers also come in 3 versions:
1. Free 2GB,no ads,training and support
2.Teacher $2.49   ,is 20 GB
3.Professor $4.49 , is 200 GB
They come with a lot of other features and benefits for you.