Double your click-through rate by doing two things on your blog

How to double your page views and click-through rate right away?

5 ways to increase page views and click-through rate right now:

  • Bounce rate-people think it is not good to have high bounce rate.What that really means is one page view.Somebody will come to your blog post ready it and go away.
  • Exit rate-that is the last page they see before leaving your blog.So,sort them by exit page and  improve it.
  • Pages per session-1,5% per session is ok,if it’s more,great.
  • Session duration-one is 15 minutes,so if somebody comes to your blog and doesn’t stay 15 minutes on that page or click on other page on your blog,Google will not register that person as visitor.
  • Time on page-how long you can engage somebody on that blog,is it interesting enough for them to stay and read.

Second of two ways is:

click-through rate

You have to sell every link you have in specific way.  I don’t know if you have affiliate links or signup form but it should be like this…

“While I was building my house,I was always using a (some tool, xyz tool).It was great and very functional,easy to use but very expensive  so I had to save money  to buy it.Recently, I found something great but much cheaper on amazon ,if you want to see it click here.”

Highlight that and insert amazon affiliate link.Your cookie is good 24  h so don’t chose something over $400 because people take time to think about it when buying stuff that cost more. It can be anything within your topic or niche.

Those two things will double your click-through rate and bring you a lot of money.

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