Fast email list building

3 types of landing page you need to see.Focus on your list and stop buying new products from gurus.

If you advertise it,it is faster but not cheaper.Start organic but also
advertise to get some people on your list.You will pay from $0.50 to $2 per subscriber to get them on your list.

Each landing page is made for different traffic source.

1.Simple squeeze page: use follow up and earn multiple times.Use lead magnet,they will see value,something for them.
The squeeze must me clear and to the point, simple,don’t have to be special.Like mine on this blog,very simple,just name and email.

2.Curiosity squeeze pages-strong headline creates conversion and they signup.(solo ad traffic ,go to udimi website),price is from$0,34 per visitor and minimum payment is $20.They guarantee signups and many have sales too.

3.Exchange-desire for freebie.(social media)

4.Reverse-souch value up front so they feel obligation to sign up.Create something you can sell and give it for free.(facebook traffic)

It is also much easier to track everything,if you do it this way.Conversion into signups can be up to 40% higher then what you have right now.Remember,all you need is 1000 loyal members to make good profit online.

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