How to get guaranteed, free,massive traffic today?

Ok, you will need few things before you start.

  • new twitter account,not your personal one
  • register for
  • also,you will use for keywords


You will see traffic today if you do this.

You will make a twit that will get max views,I’ll show you how.Have your link in your account also,profile.Get picture and so on…140 characters is all you get,use google short link, Lets say you promote diet pill,make short link out of it.

Go to,up in the corner we will research keywords.Type your main keyword,’#diet’,’#weightloss’ to find out how many searches was made in the last 24h.

It gets a lot of views,on daily bases.Put that word in your twitter tags after link in the profile and post.
Before link write “Wanna burn fat w/o diet or exercise?

Check this out:your link    #tag1,#tag2,#tag3
That should be your first twit .

Now,go to website,click on try for free now button.Register,confirm email.You will get 50 points for that.Website works in a way,you do it for me and I will do it for you.If you like other peoples things,you get points and they send traffic to your blog or FB page or twitter.
Click green button Add site/page next.
Type-twitter re-tweets. Go to your tweet and click on ‘expend’ under your twit.That will give you ID numbers of your twitt,numbers should be pasted into  under type,link starts like this Tweet ID.
Copy that and go to addmefast to paste it into Tweet ID::word status/(your number here)
CPC:minimum is 5 points, I offer 8,didn’t see somebody using 10,never.Save. Do it again,green button add site/page
Type:twitter Favorites, other info the same,Save.

That is it,if you want more points,on the left side you will see what
you can do to get them,faster is to buy them but you don’t have to.
Click on twitter followers and you will get 8 points to follow somebody and so on.
This is free ,targeted traffic if you have good tags.
Do this daily 30 minutes and you will see traffic and sales.

Do you need a platform with tools and training?

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