Launch product today

So,you want to launch product today and start making money online?

You don’t really know where to start?I will try and describe the simplest way to do that.If you copy this system and send some traffic from facebook groups you will see few sales.

Tools:Gorilla marketing pro is an all in one marketing platform for internet marketers. One of it’s best features is their free autoresponder. Not only is the autoresponder free, it allows you to capture an unlimited amount of leads that you can market to every day if you like. WordPress-all you need is 6 pages. I’ll show you how to set it up to look professional and work great without you working on it,once you set it up.

1.Sign Up page with a name,email form for them to signup with good title they want to click on.

2. OTO page- one time offer with your affiliate link or your own product link.

3. Three content pages with good and free value.

4.Sales page

Email series:


This is the way you do it.They sign up, on your optin page and right away go to your one time offer where you tell them…Thank you for signing up,while you’re waiting for my email to arrive,please look at this one time offer. Come up with a good title…..Tell them that price will go up and this is a chance to get it for a discount price.

The quickest way to lose 10 lbs and fit into your wedding dress” or something like that.Under that title,place a pay button with a personal message. YES! DOWNLOAD IT NOW.

You tell them to go to find a link in there email but first to look into your offer. First email will send them to your page with content or a video 1 in which you give them free valuable information.Talk about problem here,give them somebodies story. A day after,email to second page with free content and in the end reveal what is coming tomorrow.Day after is a bit different.Also,link goes to your third page which is half solution describing and half a pitch about what will they get.Add pay button to your paypa. Next day,email to your sales page. On the sales page,tell them that it is the last day they can get a discount price and more about benefits.

Nobody cares about your product,they care about benefits.If they buy your product , what will they get.Are they going to get slimmer fast or…what ever you selling.

This is it,send some traffic to it now and see sales in. If you don’t know where to get traffic,you’ll find article on my blog with a 10 platforms with over 300 Mill. people.

Launch your product today and see what happens.Go to clickbank and chose something popular people are buying already. Make a link and start!

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