You can reach 10 million people, for free,this is how…-service marketing

Imagine if you could get waves of laser-targeted traffic, and it never costs you a penny.

What would YOU do with all that traffic? Do service marketing,maybe product of your own?Some kind of promotion of economic activities offered by a business to its clients. How would that impact your life? It would,big time.

I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to get free traffic, step by step – nothing is left out. With that kind of traffic you can sell a lot of products.

Let me tell you about one that I use to get 4K traffic per day

Steps to 4000/day visitors

1.Go to,you have to have your own website done. First add RSS feed so every time you update your blog it will show up on triberr and then click tribes on the triberr website.Those are the groups you can join,some of them have a reach of 10 mill. people.Help them out by making and sharing good blog posts.They will also take your posts,sign up and join your blog. Go there,discus,promote,comment and so on…

Grow your traffic,build a list of subs and build a brand and trust.

once you are done,find other platforms like triberr and do it again.

                             The Truth about FREE Traffic Gurus are NOT telling you 

-digital marketing strategy-

Forget facebook ads,twitter,PPC or any other paying traffic method.This method will not cost you anything!!!

I get it,you tried everything and nothing works.It just wasn’t meant to be this hard.If you feel that there’s something they didn’t tell you,you are right.I will show you a proven system how to get 1000’s of visitors per day,everyday,for free.System is simple,learn what works and do more of it.I’ll tell you exactly what to do everyday
to drive traffic to your website,day after day. We talking about 30,000-40,000 lazer-targeted visitors per month.
Also,you will learn how to convert traffic into sign ups and sign ups into customers.

Finally you can stop…
Working your but off,for no results-DONE
That bad feeling every time you check your stats-DONE
Confusion of not knowing who to trust-DONE
Frustration of waiting for your visitors to show up-DONE

A template based traffic system so you can relax and stop working in front of PC,while your website is flooded with traffic.

Follow my step by step instructions and you will be getting traffic sooner than you think.


1.All the steps successful websites make to grow non stop
2.Complete fill in templates that pull traffic to your website
Little known traffic sources that are so good nobody else is willing to share


See why 95% of people fail,and how to be in the 5% that succeed.
Discover the platform you need to be on
Use the plugins that do the work and automate your marketing
Copy&Paste templates where you don’t have to think about what to write
Exactly what to do and when,so you build your influence
Get proven to convert headlines-no mystery in copy writing
Simple formulas,codes anyone can copy/paste into website
Dramatically boost your click through rate and watch your stats skyrocket
How to track everything
Get all the tools you need on that one platform-email,autoresponder,website,…
Get info from those that are successful about your audience,know what they want
Work with trusted names in your niche
Never run out of content ideas
Get your content on Google in under 20 minutes
Learn how to get backlinks from popular websites
Learn No1 method to get traffic from social media,and watch your exposure grows
Little know traffic sources revealed
Put your content in front of millions of people,without spending money


Step by step training
Free traffic methods
Just 30 minutes per day
Proven to work strategies
Done for you templates
Tools-all you need in one place

Tools and platform  video:==>

if you sign up you will receive 30 day program on how to drive traffic for free:


Traffic source not many use…(Free)

If you have a new blog online,you will need traffic to get attention online. I will give you few traffic methods I use. You have to give great value on your blog,that goes without saying. Content must be very good.

1.The roundup post

What that means? I sent email to 10 people important for some topic,for example,if you have blog on cooking you will email 10 people in that industry. I asked them to answer one question on topic 100 words or less and I will feature them on my blog. Once I got all those answers in my article,I emailed them back to let them know so they can promote it and we got very big spice in traffic to our blog.



2. Social media

*diigo platform
*  platform has 50 mill visitors
*  platform has 4 mill visitors
*Flipboard  3000/day -100 mill.users platform(magazin creation,you make your own) over 100 mill.users (app  for android and pc)
You can create multiple magazines with a same content,use evergreen content.Follow authority figures,discussions with others.Analytics are important,watch it.
*Triberr platform millions of visitors on every topic you can imagine

Millions ready to read your blog posts with great free content and also a chance for you to build a list of subscribers you can promote your product.

3. Put your content on a website with a 9 million users and get do follow back links

They share it for free,every single niche is covered and I can’t tell you how valuable that is. You will get lazer targeted traffic to your blog for free.

Website is called and you can place content on your own profile.Magic happens when you start sharing that on groups. Join groups and start sharing,dont spam.

Groups are very active,they are indexed by Google so you get link back.Be sure to add tags to your content so people ca find you.


This is real and people pay big money to do this. You have to take this very serious.PR firms use it for there clients. 3 things you need:

1.Give people a reason to visit your blog or website.

2.Put yourself where people already looking for something

3.Make amazing offer for them to buy

First reason, you have to give something exciting,relevant for them.Interview is a good way,polarise your audience,you have to be honest with a person you interviewing. Good example is Kanye West. You will get attention from all the big blogs in a niche for free.Promote like crazy,give this interview for free if they credit you as a source.

5.App -50,000 visitors and $9000 in 30 days

It is called BUZ Z BUNDLE and it is an app Mathew Woodward used to make all this money.Put your content in front of the people who want it but it must help them more then it helps you.Ask yourself how valuable is your content. You can build a large list and promote to them. Make sign up page and promote your product. Add more keywords to app and funnel that traffic to your sign up page.They have free version for 15 days after that limits traffic to 30 % which is also good. It is like a Hootsuite.Use both.

Getting traffic is easy,converting that traffic into sales is a challenge.

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