Steps for Viral You Tube Channel and Videos

Do you hate your job,would you like to learn how to work on internet as a you tuber? While ago,I run into my old school friends ,at a time and he told me how much he hates his job and the life he created.He had no idea how to get out of that.

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Steps on how to make a viral video

Made me thing and I felt sad for him,because this is the life most of us live.
Think,how many people you know doing something great with there life,most of them just take what life gives them. I was in that situation before I started my business online.
There’s absolutely nothing special about me,I didn’t know what to do with myself.
Lots of people want to work online and some of them would like to be you tubers but don’t know how to start.This article is about that,how to start business on you tube.

You can make millions of dollars by living amazing life and doing what you love.This is not something complex at all,with 100’s of people involved,it can be just you or your friend and you. You can only show screen or desktop.
All you need is 1000  fans for that,people who like you so much ,ready to buy from you.
So,you have to let 1000 to find you,people who love what you love and stand for.This is coming from  Kevin Kelly and some other very successful people on you tube.It’s called ‘1000 true fans‘.

I will show you how to find topic that sells and tell you how to find those people or them find you.

Nobody is talking about how to do that.Today drama is a thing on you tube and info videos not so much.But,you can have nice income from making info videos online. Look at it like this, 1000x$50=$50000/month.
You think you can live with that? Companies will advertise through your channel and every time that happens you will pocket $20000 if you only describe benefits of there product.You Tubers are getting that much for
a 30 sec. long promo in the end of video.

In a moment ,I will show you how to pick your topic and get your first 1000 fans and it’s is not as hard as you think.The great bit is that you make all this money by making videos about your hobby and enjoy yourself.Games,health and fitness,beauty,makeup anything you might like.

Are you overweight? Can you take your phone and do some exercise,maybe film while you cooking? Yes you can.Make 5 minute video every day.

Imagine how great it would feel living out of something you love to do and not going to work everyday,doing something you don’t like? 🙂
So,take notes and pay attention because you will learn just that by listening what I have to say and it’s totally free because you are  or you will be one of my subscribers.This has power to change your life for so much better.Take advantage of  this and do it.Make multiple channels with 1000 true fans,it will hep you make money and start big business.

It will be possible for you to live your dream life,travel with your friends and family.Invest in projects.Help your family to live better and so on.

Now,I am going to tell you what it takes to be successful on you tube.This is step by step system to build profitable channels.
You don’t have to go through try and error.If you think,I don’t know how to make videos,I don’t have equipment or skill,all you need is smart phone or screen desktop recorder and other things are easily teachable.

Today successful you tubers fought through fears and they stuck with a system to overcome problems when starting a channel.
Our system, is not machine,you have to use your head in a process and work.If you want real results,it will take real work.
So,if you are still with me,lets start…

1.step- Idea=find killer idea where millions are buying products.

2.step- viral hacking to build your audience fast.

3.Monetize your audience :5 ways to do that


1.Idea- how do you find topic for your channel?
Most people just guess.This is what you do:

Make a list of things that you like to do.Gaming is very profitable niche on you tube.If you love video games you can be paid to do that on you tube. Record your screen and comment.
trying new stuff-I know one channel where they order sweets from foreign countries and try them,review them.

Games,video games-we all know those
Travel-if you go places always film it
Sport-in a gym or even at home,weight loss or bodybuilding
Animals (if you have a pet)
Interaction with others,interviews on the street
Behing the scenes
Health and Nutrition
Romance and dating
Internet marketing
What makes you feel happy when nobody’s looking?
1.what works for you?
2.What do you need to stop doing to get where you want to be?
3.what do you need start doing to get going? (learn talking to others,ask questions on the street,spea foreign language,can you build websites and teach others,…)

How do you find the right one? Rate it from 1 to 5.One is if your dad likes it and 5 if you find million people are into it.
1.Ask yourself,how big is audience for that topic,Google it,see trends,forums and come up witha number.
2.How much do people care about it?
3.How passionate are you about it? Rate it. 1 is like if you have to visit your dentist and 5 is birthday and you won lottery.

Now take your list and run all your ideas through this questions.All those with highest score in all 3 questions are your finalists.One of those will be your channel topic and try to imagine yourself with it in a long run.
You might be thinking,I can find 100’s of people online with this exact topic having channel about it.Why am I special and how can be successful with it?It is true,if you just copycat someones channel it will not become success.
Why? Because one ingredient is missing.You missing strategy that helps you enter saturated niche with a lot of competition
and build a successful business.This strategy I will show you can make or brake your business.
Next step is to know how to make viral videos on topic.

Video format is a king,as they say.Why? Because if it’s not,every time you make a video you should be able to come up with a new twist to make it viral.
I’ll give you example, you tube channel ‘my drunk kitchen’ by MyHarto gets millions of views per video.She have
2,5 million subscribers on her main channel. What she does is
using comedy and cooking as a mix. Every time she cook something else but she have celebrity guests and she drinks and jokes with them while cooking something.
That is her format.People are interested in who is coming for dinner and what they going to talk about while cooking.

People with gaming videos always playing game and talking about what they doing with or without jokes.Some hava review or debate with a friend while doing that.
You could be sitting in your room at a table talking into camera or just show your desktop with a new content and talk about something,that should be your format for that channel.Either you walking streets talking to random people or you cooking in the kitchen but not all that together in the same time.Make up your mind about format and
stick to it on that channel.If you want something new,get another channel.Some people have a drama channel and info channel and if they want cartoon channel or music channel
that have to be on the new channel,you get it?Do not put music,cooking and gardening into one channel.
Equals 3 ray william johnson always standing in the corner of his room talking about other peoples videos.It can be about anything but format is the same,always.
I hope this is clear.

Formula to make video that goes viral

Attention is a billion dollar word.Really is.Attention = $
So,what do you do? Take viral video idea and add new twist to it.
Something that works on a new twist.For example:
YouTube channel ‘Kassem G’ interviews people on the
street about politics or everyday stuff and gets 2.5Mill.subs.
Then some other people come and do little twist on that,they interview
drunk people in front of pubs and bars at night and get millions of views.
Some other go to gym or outside some place where people love to go.
The point is,taking viral ideas and adding new twist to it.

Viral Triggers

What will make video go viral?
1.Video MUST make people react emotionally to it.Make them feel something.
What do you want them to feel:
2.unique perspective
3.tell a story

Road to success:

Make a 1000 fans:
1.Buy them-on FB for $20 you can get 3000-5000 people on your channel
2.Blog,news promo-if you write it well and get into news promo,a lot of people will see it
3.Promotion on social media-make a page on you tube.I got over 11000 people when I posted just one video.It was about making pies.

Video can be simple,made by smart phone or just something on you screen.
This is the actual best free editing software for YouTube
It is called DaVinci Resolve: (scroll down all the way)
This is instruction how to operate:

If you’re a beginner in video editing, then Adobe Spark just might be
the thing you’re looking for:
(Or grab it from the App Store:
How to edit:

My Film Gear:
Canon 80D Camera:
Sigma 17-50mm Lens:
VidMic Pro:
E-Image 2 Stage Aluminum Tripod:
Blue Yeti USB Microphone:
Collapsible Multi-Disc Light Reflector:
License:Standard YouTube License

Take a leap today

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This is real and people pay big money to do this. You have to take this very serious.PR firms use it for there clients. 3 things you need:

1.Give people a reason to visit your blog or website.

2.Put yourself where people already looking for something

3.Make amazing offer for them to buy

First reason, you have to give something exciting,relevant for them.Interview is a good way,polarise your audience,you have to be honest with a person you interviewing. Good example is Kanye West. You will get attention from all the big blogs in a niche for free.Promote like crazy,give this interview for free if they credit you as a source.

5.App -50,000 visitors and $9000 in 30 days

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Getting traffic is easy,converting that traffic into sales is a challenge.

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