Fresh Traffic Sources Every week

I would like to post ,from time to time,new traffic source that I find. I have a small list to show you,which is enough for you to start and get some traffic on your website.

  • CHAINO                                          300 K/ month
  • AKONTER           bookmarking website
  • HACKERNEWS(dot)ORG          17 mill/m
  • KIWIBOX                                          120 K/m
  • BIZSUGAR                                         100K/m
  • GETPOCKET                                   45mill/m
  • ZEST                                                 200 K/m
  • DREAMWIDTH(dot)ORG         6mill/m
  • ABILOGIC                                       150K/m
  • XING                                                22mill/m
  • STEEMIT                                       30mill/m

This is a great source of traffic with a lot of categories. Post,bookmark and get traffic and backlinks to your blog. All this websites have follow backlinks.

All of this websites are free to join and use.

Influencers in your niche and how do you find them?

Why do you need important blogs in your niche? Because you want backlinks,you want importance of your blog to grow. So, what can you do about it?

Today you going to start blog commenting,find blogs and add them to your spreadsheet. How do you find them? Use this for search in Google:


inurl :YOUR NICHE intext:”powered by vbulletin”

Read the article on the blog and try to add comment with a value to blogger.If you just say Hi or spam ,your comment will be deleted.

You can also leave your link on forums,big platforms and some other places but always look for content relevant to your niche.

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