The best online business to start in 2018 for newbies

You could start many things.I will tell you what I believe the best online business in 2018 is and show you some.

I will share with you how you can start even if you don’t have money at all. Know that even the  free stuff isn’t free,so I’ll show you how to get that money you need to start.

You will leverage your time for money.This is powerful but a lot of people is doing that.It will take little money to start,drop shipping by amazon. You can sell your stuff on amazon or find on amazon,and sell it to somebody.

Niche could be crazy,it is called FBA.So,how you do it,if you can do videos, Youtube and also starting a blog if you can write.

Become influencer in a specific niche.Creating 1000 true fans,ready to buy from you,because they like you,trust you.It can be facebook page,what ever platform works for you.

For example , I have over 1300 fans on my page about pie recipes.100% organic..

statrup business online

My ebook about pie recipes is $19 = 5 figures just from that ebook and also,pots and other stuff used to make a pie from amazon.

Creating bond and profit,send content out there all the time,sell something,become affiliate if you don’t have ideas.

Second, affiliate marketing,if you don’t want to make your own product.This can be passive income,recommend something,you are influencer. Time will come,you will want to quit but you have to move on and do it.

How you do this?

You can NOT do it WITHOUT some things I will give you here…

  • Get leads (jotform is 100% free to use),getting leads is one of the most important things in your business.Place that form on your blog.Give free value,something good to download.It is called lead magnet,think about making pdf,make something so good that you would charge for and give it for free.Use Google docs or drop box. I use upviral .
  • sign up page could be from triva,optimize press or wp profit builder.
  • connect that page with a jotform autoresponder.Once they sign up,jotform will send your free pdf ,from pdf  to your offer and most of them will not buy but you will be able to contact them again.Make 3-5 emails that go out every second day offering your product.You bild trust by sending helpful info.You can offer them many products over time.

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