Viral contests and giveaways

Contests and giveaways

One fantastic way to build a list is to run a  viral contest. It can be a simple $10 gift cards or something from amazon you have already which is even more compelling.
Prize should be something your list will love to get. If you have a craft website offer free gift cards to craft store.This will draw the right crowd to your email list.

If you can create viral element,list will grow fast.Use system like PromoSimple to add a viral element that offer people additional chance to win if they refer others or share your post.


Another system that is similar to promosimple is rafflecopter.
It is easy to run giveaway.You MUST create compelling offer.What would you like to get? Think about it.You can easily build your list up to 10,000 in a week.Targeted list converts good.Offer small price to start for something good,over deliver.If conversion is 30% and it will be more,that is around 3000 buyers..3000 x $17= $51,000
People report over 150,000 list in just few months.
If you need traffic source,start with facebook groups and use traffic list from my blog which gives you 10 platforms with more then 300 mill. subscribers.Some of them have groups with millions of people interested in niches you might promote.Product can be found on amazon or clickbank.

Make viral contest and giveaways  easy by getting free credits.

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