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Did you ever see and ask yourself how some people have #tweet this quote” or “click to tweet” link within post which helps people re-tweet one quote not all article?

It is a great system to get your tweet seen by many people. If you know how to get there attention,it will go virally.  How does it work?

“Quote something and tell them to click to tweet to get,see something” you can have a picture with it. How to add it to your blog posts?

Visit website “Click to Tweet”  and enter in the text you want people to tweet. After that,copy/Paste link and paste it into your blog article. That text must be short enough to allow people to re-tweet it. 

People who have a wordpress on there own domain can use “better click to tweet”, which lets you do all this from your own blog post editor.

If you have a blog or just thinking to start one,this plugin will help you get more eyes on your post.

How do you start blogging?

1.Set some goals,short and long term

2.Get domain and hosting from upviral,the best features for your work in a future  /

3.Install word press

4.Add optin form

5.Add value, quality content that helps your audience

6. If you want to get shares,prioritize video,graphic and photos. Make simple videos,post on youtube,embed on your blog and traffic will come.

It doesn’t take long at all.

7.Get emails-create valuable giveaway and then give a simple lead magnet for them to signup and download.

8. Writing long 1900 words content work the best.

9.Spend little on advertising,it will skyrocket your success!

10.Advertise on twitter.

Ramsay Taplin is teaching about blogging online (this ad is his)

If you advertise on facebook groups , chances are people will share it. Set aside $20 per weeks to test what kind of content gets shared.

11.Make friends in your niche as soon as you start. Star by finding big players on twitter and share their stuff.Mention it on your site and tell them about it.

12.Create blogging strategy-goals help you create good , valuable content to help other people and you will not give up  blogging like man others do.

13.Make your blog mobile friendly by going here:   

Google has even started removing non mobile friendly sites,so make sure your blog can be seen on every device.

13.Make your blog safe by going to your domain and click SSL on your domain.  Keep backups of your blog,download plugin for that.There are many.WPCerber or Bulletproof Security will lock down your blog.

Why do you need SSL-secure socket layer? It creates encrypted link between a web server and a browser.All the data passed between will remain private. Also,if you ever enter your own information in somebody else’s website,you want to make sure it is safe to do so. HTTP is hypertext transfer protocol and SSL are must because it will rank lower on search results if they come up against an equally valuable blog which has SSL.Who can help you with this,if you don’t know how to do it yourself? Kick Point team is trusted.

On the upviral platform you will get all this and many more…giveaways premade for you,surveys,autoresponder,viral loop and so on.Consider going to upviral to start your blog.

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