Webinar about SEO and what works in 2019-news from guys who make websites with just 30 articles on it and make $85,000/year(with just 1 website) and they have many….

Watch it,it is 59 minutes long

So,if you did watch this webinar, you will know that authority is the SEO king.Build websites like those described in a webinar with just 30 articles , 2500 words each and choose good niche and keywords in a way they tell you and you will see that spike after few months.After that traffic will come on it’s own.Google will send you traffic for years to come.

What guarantees your blogs success?

There is no good niche without competition online.
Know that you can do better.
If you see authority websites on the first page,don’t get into it.

When somebody starts niche,you have to follow to the end.
Don’t give up after 3 or 4 weeks.It will take Google few months to see you as goog site. Write good,long articles 2500 words long,about 30 and leave it to that.If you don’t get any traffic after 6 months,end it.

Do not make community website,social media is killing blogs.
Don’t go for it.You will get 2% of traffic from facebook,don’t count on it at all because you want passive niche website. If you must use youtube,pinterest and reddit to send some traffic but focus on article quality.That will give you all the traffic you need.It will come from Google.

Don’t use keyword tool for keywords, just ask Google search bar.
Type your main keyword plus letter A and see what you get.Work down the line b,c,d….

Look,one article can bring you 1000’s of people per day.One article,
well written will work better then anyother traffic for years.
Write 4000 word article with amazon links in it.

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Would you like to learn how to create 7 figure business in 2019-webinar

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