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How to Bulk email from gmail account?Send 2000 email daily for almost free.

If you selling info products and just starting,this is for you.Conversion is amazing and I will tell you why in a minute.
Tool is Gmass-ad it for free to your gmail account, but you will pay little, if you want to send more then 10 emails. Go to google drive,access it with your on gmail pass.Click on the top left on google sheets and put your leads there,from your blog or where ever you collect them. (copy/paste system). Then, look for red button on top,left one,there is two,connect to spread sheet.
Write email, something simple,what ever you selling and place your link in it.

AWeber and other autoresponders send emails into junk mail and your email will go 100% to inbox,gmail to gmail.
Conversion is really cool,lots of people will buy.
G suiter-sends 2000 per day for a $9/month,also 100% inboxing.Premium has follow ups which means you can send email daily until they buy. AWeber emails end up in your junk mail cause they send 1000s and gmail to gmail will always go to inbox.Conversion in AWeber is 5.2% for info products, which is big.

We have many lists on AWeber but imagine you have a list with 56,821 leads and you send 1 email that converts 5.2%,that is 2954 people buying something from you. If your product cost $7, that would be $20,678 in sales.
Do you see,potential here? If aweber gets conversion 5%, what can you do with 100% inboxing.
Where ever you can get lead,place it in your gmail account and over time,list will grow big.With just 1000 loyal subscribers you can make good income and it cost you almost nothing.

How to Record PC screen for free? (in HD)

Why Screen capture? Well, a lot of people don’t feel comfortable filming themselves and screen capture is enough to explain something.For example:
1. How to videos-step by step,just talking by recording voice or by software and text.
2.Presentation-it is hard with article,takes time,video is better.People love to watch videos and see how it is done. You could do many things.Showing something or buy something so you can do this third thing.
3.Product review with added trust=voice + proof

Tell them…”I have this product and I have good results to prove it…….something like that.Always talk about benefits,people buying info product want to know how to get money fast.Nobody cares about software and how great it is.Tell them,if you use this software you will make money like this,or like that,….”

Name of this software that makes videos is google-microsoft expression encoder 4-click-download , you will get 2 programs,click on the red doted first to record,once done,second program can edit it.

Once clicking on the red dot will let you chose area of filmin,start with a full screen and second will start recording. After that you can edit video and add some cool features,music ,if needed and cut some parts you don’t want in a video.Include little watermark in the corner,usually name of your youtube channel. Link in the description box.

Affiliate links: amazon,clickbank,warrior forum ,…

Collecting subscribers

It would be great if you have a blog but you tube channel is good enough.Let them download some kind of google document on topic and if they want to download free,get email into your account.After that,you can email them when ever you want.

Where is the money source?
How to make $100-$1000 per day (online)in 2019 (NEW)

This is one trick you can use to get customers,not many people are using it.

100% works but you have to work on it, good for people who are
starting online. I’ll show you where the money is.

Where the source is?
Go to source,where people give jobs to people who can do
stuff for them. Where Business owners come for help?
write down this phrase:

[ “is this your company? los angeles]

You will write it or paste it into google search bar. What does it do?
It will find business that didn’t find yelp listing,they didn’t claim it.They are not good at marketing.
Look to find contact info,look for number,email and let them know that you did it for them,it looks professional,you don’t want money for it,just wanted to help them and just foster that relationship. They will be grateful for it and you can suggest other services for money. Make a website,set up facebook page and all this services offered on fiverr for a small fee.Take the cut from that.If they charge $20 on fiverr and you charge $200,the difference is yourse. You can get $200 per business,5 of these is $1000.It doesn’t have to be Los Angeles,any town on the map.Autorepaire or any kind of business. You put your foot in a door to get trust and work on it.Now you know where the money is. They have money and don’t have time so you can profit from it.

Interested in building passive websites that make you money?

Income school  

Passive niche websites with 25 articles will make you $1,000’s in just 6 months.These websites are left alone,without backlinks,without promotions,without SEO and without you working on them, just articles and affiliate links. You wouldn’t believe that small websites like that can make a 1 million dollars a year but it does.We help you step by step to build it.

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